George Town Child and Family Centre

Co-Ordinator: Trudi Cross

Hours: Parents and Friends of the George Town Child and Family Centre meet monthly. Please call for details.

Services Delivered:

The George Town Child and Family Centre offers a range of programs and services to support families with children in the 0-5 age bracket. The CFC is for families in our community and offers opportunities for families with like aged children to connect and establish strong social and community ties. We can help with referral pathways to specialist services, and provide access to visiting specialist services such as St Giles and assist with speech therapy along with learning opportunities for parents and carers (parenting courses, cooking classes etc).

Children are given opportunities to learn through play and to be supported by a team of support services through those vital first five years, giving them the best possible chance to have the very best start.

Opportunities for volunteers

Yes, assisting with programs for 0-5 aged children and their parents / carers.

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