Port Dalrymple School

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Welcome to Port Dalrymple School

School Values
Aspiration, Respect, Courage, Growth

At Port Dalrymple School learning is valued, celebrated and enjoyed. We are a K-12 school that actively encourages and supports our students to be connected and inspired towards positive futures.Our school motto is ‘Be Safe, Be Supportive, Be Successful’

We strive to develop in our students the skills and habits to be independent, self-directed, engaged and motivated learners. We believe that students need to take ownership of their learning. Our learning community works hard to support this for all students.

Port Dalrymple School actively promotes student families as partners and active participants in the learning programs within the school. We encourage parents to value learning and have high expectations of their child’s learning. We also work in partnership with support staff and wider community services to provide meaningful, flexible and responsive learning opportunities for all students.

Contact: Peggy Pickrill School Business Manager

Parent Organisation: Port Dalrymple School Ass. - Contact Dean Gibbons

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