Tamar Sea Rescue Services

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Tamar Sea Rescue Services Established in 1989 under the banners of Royal Volunteer Coastal Patrol and Royal Volunteer Coast Guard, today Tamar Sea Rescue Service has a formal affiliation with Surf Life Saving Tasmania’s Rescue Services, is an endorsed VMR organisation and acts as a support service to Tasmania Police. Tamar Sea Rescue is a not for profit organisation operated by volunteers from your community.

The primary role of the organisation is to ensure the safety of recreational vessels in the North and North East region of Tasmania. We have been involved in a number of search and rescue operations resulting in numerous persons rescued and 27 vessels recovered or towed. Other services include Marine Radio, recreational boat safety education, community education and water safety initiatives aimed at promoting awareness and reducing the effect of disasters at sea and emergencies in the area. In the last 12 months, Tamar Sea Rescue Services has trained 85 members of the public in MAST endorsed Powerboat Licence training and assessment.

In 2016, the main rescue vessel for Tamar Sea Rescue was decommissioned due to not fitting the new criteria for Volunteer Marine Rescue vessels. This vessel was a 60 foot (over 18.0m) timber vessel built in the 1950’s.
As a result Tamar Sea Rescue are trying to source a Proposed Second-hand Vessel to fill the void and continue to provide a high level of Marine Rescue and Support to the Community.
The proposed vessel is a commercially registered 9.0m Naiad, built in 2006. It is in 2C Survey as a restricted Offshore Rescue Vessel and its current limits are up to 30nm (54km) offshore.
Tamar Sea Rescue need your help to maintain a high level of service to the community. Any donations are welcome to help secure the new vessel and assist with ongoing running costs.

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