Date: Thursday 7th March 2024 Time: 5.30 pm Venue: George Town Yacht Club Please RSVP if you wish to attend.


Following the meeting refreshments and finger food will be available. 

Please RSVP either to myself (email and phone number below) or to Eventbrite via the button below.


The George Town region is on the cusp of major growth. The Council advise that some 500 building blocks will come on to the market over the next 12 to 18 months. These will be needed to support an influx of workers attracted by new industry likely to be announced in the next few months. It is essential the George Town Chamber restructure to be able to serve the business interests in this growing region.  The next 2 to 5 years will be very exciting – we encourage you to be part of the planning to help accommodate this growth.

The current committee are anxious to lift the chamber’s profile in order to achieve the necessary growth to accommodate new industry and their workforces and will be seeking people to fulfill certain roles which will be well defined. A sample of the roles the committee have in mind is as follows:

 * Community Coordinator, become the Chambers touchpoint with community organizations, groups and clubs

* Small Business Coordinator, become the Chambers touchpoint with small business and sole traders

* Large Business Coordinator, become the touchpoint with local heavy industry

* Public Sector Coordinator, build and maintain relationships with key public sector representatives in the municipality

* Marketing Executive, this role controls the brand of the Chamber

In each role the chamber is seeking advice on how it may best support that particular group – whether that be a representative role to a tier of government or a means to fulfill an appropriate educational role. It is obvious that sole trader needs and the needs of heavy industry are vastly different – the Chamber is seeking help to improve its listening and reacting to identified needs across the broad business spectrum represented in our community.

In addition to the above there will be a number of project coordinators who will look after such things as the Why Leave Town gift card program, support for local business and youth opportunities. All roles will be backed by the Liaison Officer role.

To become a Chamber member the cost is $75. To be included on its web site as part of the business list costs a further $125. Any questions regarding the above or of other membership classifications should be directed to myself.

Those who would like to be part of the Chamber Committee need to be financial members prior to 7th March to be eligible. Whatever your business skill the Chamber welcomes both your membership, and if you join the Committee, your contribution to its future direction and the building of a better George Town. 

Richard Millen

Liaison Officer

George Town Chamber of Commerce

0419 623 455

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